Our proprietary survey offerings have been refined through decades of consulting experience with a multitude of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small nonprofit organizations across the globe. Whether the solutions you need are internal or external in nature, we have a specialized tool that identifies organizational strengths, diagnoses performance gaps and prescribes initiatives for growth.

Clarity Performance Index™

No. 001



  • Current state of the organization
  • Where the business is misaligned
  • Largest performance gaps
  • Balance of strategy + culture


  • Direction
  • Operations
  • People
  • Engagement

Assess: baseline measures > Diagnose: find gaps in performance + alignment > prescribe: levers of change

Clarity Performance Index™, our most widely adopted global assessment, is a 60-question quantitative survey designed to measure performance in four core areas of your business: direction, operations, people, and engagement. It also provides an organization’s Positivity Quotient™.

Positively Safety™

No. 002



  • Safety: habits, programs and operational procedures
  • Positivity: psychological well-being of a workforce
  • Clarity: direction, operations, people and engagement

A safe workplace is ultimately created from improving human behavior

Positively Safety™ is a 60-question qualitative survey that takes a multidimensional approach to measuring an organization’s safety capabilities. We believe a safe workplace is ultimately created from improving human behavior not just safety behavior. Positively Safety measures three core areas within an organization.

Psychological Safety Index™

No. 003


Employee comfort level to

  • Make + report mistakes
  • Learn from those experiences
  • Challenge the status quo


  • Innovation
  • Talent retention
  • Engagement

Interpersonal risks are imperative in order to perform at the highest levels

The Emotional Security Index™ measures employees shared beliefs that it’s OK to take interpersonal risks that are required to perform at the highest levels. Helping to assess whether it’s safe to make and be open about mistakes, learn from those experiences, and challenge the status quo. Emotional Security increases an individual’s willingness to be accountable, reliable and open, producing high-performing teams. It drives innovation, creativity, engagement, talent retention, and is rapidly becoming a top competitive advantage in all organizations across every industry.

Behaviors 360™

No. 004


Development pathway

  • Review results
  • Prioritize development
  • Create development plan
  • Establish outcomes
  • Identify coach/mentor
  • Implement + review

Interpersonal risks are imperative in order to perform at the highest levels

The Behaviors 360™ is an organizational tool for helping managers at all levels become more effective by increasing self-awareness and self-understanding. The assessment works on the principle of multi-level feedback. It gives the leader two perceptions on how he or she leads: the leader’s own perceptions, and how others see the leader.